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Karbonn Tablets

By: Divya Narayanan

A Bangalore-based UTL Group, Karbonn started out as a distributor of mobile handsets. Taking mobile technology to a whole new level, this brand has proved itself to be one of the best. Karbonn caters to all kind of customers with the range of phones and tablets. A few tablets that they have are Karbonn Smart Ta Fone A39 HD Tablet, Karbonn A34 HD Tablet, Karbonn Smart Ta Fone A37 HD Tablet, Karbonn Smart A37 Tablet and Karbonn Smart A34 Tablet.

The Karbonn Smart Ta Fone A39 HD Tablet is perfect for a businessmen who keep travels around for client meetings. This device is handy and has most of the applications that a businessman would want to use. A Document viewer, Editor and Office suite are unique features in this tablet. Supported by the Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system, this tablet functions smoothly. The 7-inch capacitive touchscreen lets you view images vividly. Thanks to the 2 MP primary camera, you can capture all those special moments without fail. With the 1 GHz dual core processor, this device performs at a faster pace. Also, this tablet comes with an expandable storage capacity of 32 GB.

The Karbonn A34 HD Tablet makes travelling easier for you with the map feature. Something that makes this tablet different is the pinch to zoom feature. It runs on the Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and is equipped with 1 GHz Cortex-A9 Processor. You can access the iInternet on this tablet as it is Wi-Fi enabled. The 7 inch HD capacitive touchscreen lets you view images more clearly. All thanks go to the 2 MP primary camera for perfect pictures when you are on the go. This tablet has enough space to store all your favourite music as it has an expandable storage capacity of 32 GB.

The Karbonn Smart Ta Fone A37 HD Tablet is a great addition to the Karbonn family. With a 1 GHz Dual Core Processor, this tablet functions smoothly. This tablet runs on Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system. You can store your music library as this tablet comes with an expandable storage capacity of 32 GB. Capturing those special moments is made easy as it comes with a 2 MP primary camera.

The Karbonn Smart A37 Tablet is designed in a sleek model that makes it handy. With the Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system and 1 GHz Dual Core Processor, this tablet functions smoothly. The expandable storage capacity of 32 GB lets you store all your music, pictures and videos. You can capture the best pictures using the 2 Mp primary camera. This tablet is also Wi-Fi enabled, letting you use the internet without any connectivity issues. The Karbonn Smart A34 Tablet is good and works at a faster pace. This tablet runs on the Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system, so when it comes to functioning, this tablet is great. The expandable storage capacity of 32 GB has sufficient space for your music and other data. This tablet comes with a 2 MP primary camera and secondary camera support.

Smart Phone or Tablet – The Pros and Cons

By: Sam Jones

Mobile computing is a big deal nowadays. People have grown to like the constant connectivity that mobile Internet has given them. Being able to constantly access the web has plenty of advantages, from being able to get your email any time you want, to getting directions and online shopping. And there are plenty of options out there nowadays. Today we’re talking about smart phones and tablets. What’s the difference between them, and which one do you need? If you want to have computer access wherever you go, then read on to find out what tablets and smart phones are all about.

The Advantages of a Smart Phone…
With a smart phone you’ve basically got the Internet in the palm of your hand. Smart phones are small, powerful and easy to use. Plus, of course, they’re a phone as well. They do come with pretty hefty price tags, but they’re also extremely portable. The phone slides into your shirt pocket and you can carry it around without even noticing it. The main advantages of smart phones over tablets is that portability and the fact that you get phone and text services as well.

The Advantages of a Tablet…
Tablets are bigger than smart phones, which does have its advantages. While smart phone screens max out at around five inches, a tablet screen starts at seven inches and goes up to around thirteen inches. A big screen means that you get a better viewing experience for watching videos and reading web pages. But a far more important concern is on screen typing. Most phones and tablets have touch screen keyboards, and typing on the bigger screen of a tablet is far easier than on a small screen phone. Tablets tend to have faster Internet connectivity and more internal memory, as well as more software options than smart phones do. As far as price goes, top end tablets are going to cost you double what you would pay for a top end phone.

And the Disadvantages…
The most marked disadvantage of choosing between a smart phone and a tablet is that you really can’t. You can have a phone, or you can have a tablet and a smart phone. A tablet is great, but lacking the ability to make calls and send text messages really means that you need a phone as well.

Where to Look for Smart Phone and Tablet Deals…
Smart phones and tablets are often sold by the same providers because they’re so similar and appeal to similar groups of people. The best phone and tablet deals are generally for refurbished models. You just go to the web site of the manufacturer who makes the smart phone or tablet that you’re interested in and see if they have refurbished models available. These are models that have been bought and returned, usually because the customer changed his mind about the purchase. Refurbished models are cleaned and inspected before being sold on again. Mobile service operators also offer both smart phone and tablet deals. Incentive contracts, that is contracts that give you a service and a free or low cost device, are common. If you don’t have money to pay for the smart phone or tablet that you want, these incentive deals will get you the device for next to no money down. You might also want to consider going for second hand models. Second hand buying is a little risky, but if you buy from a reputable source and thoroughly examine the product before buying, then you can get a great deal.

A Suitable Compromise…
There is a group of devices that are known as “phablets,” these are compromises between phones and tablets. They have the full functionality of a phone, meaning you can make calls and send text messages, but they have a bigger screen than a traditional smart phone. A phablet device tends to go for around the same price as a top end mobile phone.

If you’re looking for a bigger screen and the functionality of a tablet but you can’t afford to buy a phone and a tablet, these devices are a great way of getting everything that you want.

Laptop Vs.Tablet

By Diw Methil

When laptops became available in computer markets around the world, everyone longed to own the little device for computing while on the move. Laptops were subjected to much hype as they were portable because of their portability and ease of use. This new technology took the computing world by storm and dominated the portable computer scene, until a new device entered the market with a bang: the tablet. This device offers several of the same features as laptops do, but with added portability. Some individuals may feel that this is the new way to compute and can’t live without their tablet, whereas others say laptops can never be replaced by tablets. Under the circumstances, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each device to help you decide which will best suit you and your needs.



One great advantage of opting for a laptop is that the hardware comes with the product. Laptops are available with large screens, full keyboards, and extremely high screen resolutions as compared to any tablet. There are many who would rather go for a whole, physical keyboard than typing on a much restricted touch-screen. Thus they can type that much faster and with more accuracy than a full standard keyboard. Laptop screens tend to be very large so that factors like web browsing, viewing photos, and even taking pleasure in entertainment content is not a chore. A full laptop has screen sizes that are at least 13 inches or larger, according to the kind of product you have purchased. Laptops tend to be more long-lasting than tablets, and there is no need to feel stressed about damaging or scratching the display screen.


Nevertheless, bigger might not be better every time. At first, laptops were intended for easy portability. You can use your laptop while on the go, although carrying it everywhere can be a burden. Besides, laptop computers in general can weigh anywhere between 3 – 9 lbs. Carrying this heavy weight in a briefcase or backpack can be annoying. Moreover, carrying the device for long periods of time can be a cause for severe back pain.



Tablets are extremely portable computing gadgets that can offer you total control of the apps, screen, and features. By means of a stylus or even your finger, you can touch the screen directly so that factors like gaming become more interactive. Besides, the easy hands-on approach offers an increased tactile experience as compared to a mouse, for matters like illustrating or drawing. Of course, tablets are a whole lot smaller than laptop computers which can take away from the ease of computing. Typically tablets come with display screen sizes that is anywhere between 7 to 10 inch and hardly weighs a pound. Still, you can store music, video chat, capture videos or read books by means of built-in eReaders.


Tablets are highly expensive and you will have to take extra precautions while taking care of them. Besides they are not normally housed in a durable chassis, and the screen display is fully exposed. This means that in case display touchscreen gets damaged, the device can very well become completely useless. Although, you can purchase a case to shield the display screen, it does not come with the device and as such need a separate purchase.

How to decide?

Deciding to buy a laptop or a tablet depends upon user requirements. If you intend to carry your computing device for long periods, the much lighter tablet can be the best option for you. And if you need a standard physical keypad as you are not fond of the touchscreen display a laptop is ideal for you. To decide well, think of the features you are looking for in a device. It is better to shop around, comparing and contrasting various products to find out which of them offers the specifications that you seek. Only this way you can come to a decision as to what kind of computing device you need: laptop or tablet.

Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1

By Diw Methil

When the going gets rough, you can always trust the Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1. Keeping in character with its tough features, it doesn’t look sleek and well designed but is housed within a rather thick rubber and plastic chassis. It boasts of a cover that is splash-proof and measures just 270 x 188 x 19mm, making it look very thin indeed compared to other brands.


People in general do not wish for the ToughPad FZ-G1 as it doesn’t have the gorgeous good looks of a standard tablet. Instead, this happens to be a working notepad, designed for use where frailer machines fear to tread. Thus if what you are looking for is a rugged, comparatively portable device wielding the full power of a desktop PC, this is notebook is made with you in mind. As if to confirm this, the ToughPad FZ-G1 runs on Windows 8 Pro, the same OS that powers laptops and desktops. This means that the ToughPad incorporates Microsoft’s full OS, designed for touch-screen use.


Although ToughPad FZ-G1 weighs 1.1kg, it is not at all heavy as it would seem. Still it feels sizeable in your palm and you might find yourself clutching it with both your hands, if you can’t find a surface to place it on.


The port cover towards the right of the tablet, conceals a headphone jack, along with USB 3.0 ports and HDMI. As to the left, there is a clip to hold the stylus pen and it can take the place of a right mouse or customized as you choose. One corner houses the charging port, the kind you see on a laptop.


Corners are padded with a rubber wedge, raised a little from the rest of the device. This guarantees protection in case it slips from your hands. Panasonic asserts that the ToughPad is able to withstand a four meter drop due to the ruggedness of the device.

The buttons

Seven big buttons are found on the ToughPad FZ-G1, right below its screen. These provide immediate access to the keys for home, rotation, volume, power and lock. You can program the two remaining buttons to suit your needs.

The heart of the device

Stuffed within the Panasonic device is a Core i5 processor by Intel, sporting a RAM of 4GB which can do full justice to the OS, Windows 8 Pro, for instance, enabling it to boot in a mere six seconds flat. All this RAM makes moving along the live tiles of the Start screen smooth enough. Since the ToughPad FZ-G1 is packed with the full Windows version, browsing on the internet is simple as well as straightforward. A 3G option also can be had although it will cost more.

At the back of the device, there is the 4400mAh removable battery that can last eight hours on a single charge, if used carefully. In case you need longer a lasting battery, a bulkier pack is also available.

Optional extras

A slot atop the device gives you access to microSD, USB.2.0, LAN, True Serial and GPS. A choice of 126GB or 256GB flash memory, different processor speeds, and the option to add a rear camera, along with the usual 1.3MP camera in front, let you customize the ToughPad FZ-G1, even further.

Sony Xperia Tablet S 3G

By Diw Methil

Sony has refurbished as well as upgraded the Xperia Tablet S, providing it with a fine speed boost, redesigned good looks along with a rack filled with other upgrades. Kazoo Hirai, the CEO announced the introduction of the all-new Sony Xperia Tablet S 3G at the venue of IFA 2012. This unique tablet is counted as Sony’s Xperia brand instead of the expected Vaio. This signifies that Sony is projecting this tablet as more of a mobile device, and not as a mini PC.

Sony Xperia Tablet S 3G Pro Salient Features

Entertainment at your fingertips: Xperia Tablet, is the final word in offering total management of your television, TV, cable box etc. Also included is a free application that instantly produces a visually attractive TV guide that can hold your personal preferences as well as subjects trending on your favorite social media websites.

Five free downloadable applications: Camscanner HD that can transform the Xperia Tablet S into a scanner for scanning documents; Box offers more storage by means of additional 50GB in cloud storage. Evernote enrich all your notes by including audio, photos, as also web pages; Splashtop Remote can access anything from your computer at home: Studios contains an excellent planner, schedule, calendar etc.

Endless entertainment: See the latest blockbuster movies, play the games you like with the seamless access the Xperia can give you including Sony Entertainment Network, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Google Play and Netflix and a whole lot more.

Wish your tablet’s case had a built-in keyboard so you’d have one less thing to worry about. How about a sleek-looking stand that lets you alternate between landscape and portrait mode, all the time keeping your Xperia charged and ready to go? No problem. At all. Choose from an array of optional accessories that are perfect for your Xperia Tablet including an ingenious cover with built-in keyboard, multicolored highly fashionable cases, a trendy charging-stand and much more.

Sony stands out from all tablet manufacturers thanks largely to its incomparable ‘rolled-back magazine’ look without the wedge shape. The wholly flat look without being distinctly elevated gives Sony Experia Tablet S 3G a refined look.

Unique accessories: With an ingenious cover fitted with integral keyboard, a sleek stand that allows you to swap between the portrait and landscape mode, brightly colored carrying case, a chic charging stand etc are accessories that goes to make an unforgettable experience.

Sony Xperia Tablet S 3G Pro Technical Specifications

Operating System Android
Display Features Touchscreen

Screen Resolution 1,280 x 800 Pixels
Screen Size 9.4 inch
Display Technology LED

Wired Connections USB

Wireless Connectivity 3G Internet
WiFi Hotspot

Headphone Connector 3.5mm
Bluetooth Version 3.0
Wireless Connectivity 3G Internet
Bluetooth Version 3.0

Front Camera 1 megapixel
Rear Camera 8 megapixel
Max Video Capture
Resolution 1080p
Processor Speed 1.3 GHz
Processor Cores Quad Core
Processor Nvidia Tegra3
Sensors Accelerometer
Digital Compass

Internal Storage 16 GB
Removable Storage 32 GB
Removable Memory SD

Battery Capacity 6,000 mAh
Battery Technology Li Ion

Dimensions 0″x9″x6.87″
Weight 1.29 pounds

Multimedia Features GPS Navigation
HD Playback
Video Recording
Video Playback MP4, H.264, H.263
Audio Formats Supported MP3,WAV,eAAC

Sony Xperia Tablet S 3G Final Review

Although Sony Xperia has retained the tapered design, same as its predecessor Tablet S, it is lighter thinner, as well as easy in one’s hands. The slim looks seems generic than before and as such stands out in more than one way to impress all. It boasts of very decent specs, with an Nividia 1.3GHz Tegra 3 CPU, a stunning 8-megapixel camera, 16GB storage, and Android 4.0.
Sony Xperia Tablet S 3G Release Date

Four Maverick Tablets

By Diw Methil

Let’s face it! Most tablets boast of a 7 or10 inch display, a quad or dual-core processor, rounded or squared corners with iOS, Android, or Windows. If you think that tablets are sorely lacking in variety, you got another think coming. There are indeed some cool tablets offering specs that are much different from the usual run of the mill tablets.

The Qooq

France is famous for its fine cuisine. So, it does not come as a surprise to hear that Qooq, the French company producing tablets, has come forward with a cooking tablet. Qooq has launched their Linux, waterproof dual-core tablet that is nothing less than perfect in a kitchen setting.

The QooQ tablet comes with a veritable menu of specifications. It sports a 10.1inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600, has Ethernet, USB ports as well as a SD card slot. This unique tab incorporates a flash memory of 8GB, is drop-resistant and comes equipped with a useful kick-back stand and is Wi Fi only.

What makes the QooQ a thing apart from other tablets is that it has a secret ingredient that no other tablet has: content. It comes fully loaded with around 1000 recipes, the creation of 100 distinguished chefs, as also videos, regular tutorials, ingredient database, not to mention a culinary magazine.
In the same vein, Archos, another French firm has since then unveiled the ChefPad tablet for chefs who happen to be tech savvy.

The Gadmei

If you happen to be crazy about owning a 3D TV, Gadmei’s E8-3D tablet is just the thing you are looking for. It is auto stereoscopic, meaning you don’t need to put on 3-D glasses, and 1280 x 800 resolution 8.1 inch display. It comes packed with a Cortex A9 dual-core processor, 1 GB and GB of RAM, Android 4.0.4, dual-facing cameras and of course WiFi.

Notion Ink

The first ever Adam tablet introduced by Notion Ink did not create any ripples in the tablet market. As if to compensate, the company is making another assault on the market with its new version Adam 2. What is unique about Adam 2 is the fact that it boasts of nothing less than two screens, with one having a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a 10.1 LCD screen and another much smaller screen with an e-Ink monochrome display located on the spine of the tablet to display Android notifications.
As to specs, Notion Ink’s Adam 2 come equipped with a ARM Cortex, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, two 2MP cameras, and a battery life that amounts to a whopping 10 hours.


If you are a person who is quite unable to choose from among Android, Linux and Windows you can choose the whole lot. At least that is what Ekoore the Italian company did and it created a lot of stir when it unveiled their 11.6-inch tablet boasting not of one but an incredible three OSs. The company’s latest product Python S3 is available that can run Android 4.2, Windows 8, and or Ubuntu 13.04, or all of them running together.

The Python S3 is x86-based, comes packed with a 1.1 GHz Celeron 847 dual-core processor, a solid-state memory of 32 GB and has a handy detachable display. It has HDMI output, micro SD card, USB port, as also headphone jack and has a battery time of 12 hours. Although it is for sale only in Italy, it can be purchased online.

All About The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

By Diw Methil

The Microsoft Surface series of tablets are designed as well as marketed by Microsoft. In fact Microsoft Surface is available in two versions, one is christened Windows RT and the other as Windows 8 Pro which is equipped with the Intel CPU. With the Surface Pro, new applications from the Windows Store can be installed, as also the conventional third-party programs.


The Microsoft Surface Pro series features VaporMg, a casing molded from Magnesium in order to house all their components along in a smooth PVD finish. The model consists of one USB port, one micro HDMI slot, a magnetic strip to append accessories like the Type Cover and Touch Cover and a microSDXC port concealed under the kickstand. It has a couple of 720p HD front- as well as rear-facing cameras. To allow free viewing, it is provided with a 0.77mm thick kickstand that lets the tablet to be positioned in a particular an angle. Centered right below the screen there is an actual Windows key.
Thus the Microsoft 8 Surface Pro provides ro¬¬bust computing within a package that is highly slimmed-down. In fact Microsoft Surface Pro can do any type of computing operation that any laptop or desktop can do today, as it is equipped with a dynamic laptop processor, the Intel Core i5, same as in Ultrabook.


Microsoft Surface Pro boasts of a 27 cm (0.6 inches) display with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It makes use of Microsoft’s unique ClearType HD display technology as well as supports an auto-adjusting screen intensity and ultra-wide viewing angle. Viewed from a distance of 43 cm (17 inches) the human eye cannot tell apart between individual pixels.

Type Cover and Touch Cover

Microsoft Surface Pro is equipped with a couple of keyboard covers viz., the Type Cover and Touch Cover that are connected to the tablet by means of a magnetic strip. Both the covers function as protective covers while folded and as keyboards when opened. The Touch Cover is 3.25 mm (0.128 in) thick and sports a keyboard that is pressure-sensitive, while the Type Cover is 6 mms (0.24 in) thick and consists of a tactile keyboard incorporating physical keys. The keyboards are further provided with an accelerometer sensor as also gyroscope in order to verify, based on its position, whether to accept input or not. Last but not least the Surface Pro includes a multi-touch touchpad too.

The Microsoft challenge
The fact that Surface Pro comes directly from Microsoft alone underlines how radically the PC market was transformed in the past decade. For the first time since its founding, Microsoft has manufactured its own Windows hardware. This in itself means that Microsoft finds it necessary to kick-start the tablet consumer market by introducing an attention-grabbing flagship device. Thus Microsoft Surface Pro can easily thrust the PC well into the future.

Microsoft Surface Pro Specs

Processor: Intel Core i5
Display: 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD Capacitive Touchpanel
Thickness: 13.5 mm
Weight: 903 grams
Battery: 42Wh
OS: Windows 8 Pro
I/O: microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, 2×2 MIMO antennae
Productive: Type Cover, Touch Cover, Pen and Palm Block
Cover : VaporMg Case & Stand
Capacity: 64GB / 128GB
Accessories: Touch Cover, Type Cover, VaporMg Case & Stand, Pen with Palm Block

Google Testing Android 4.3

Niko Wu

Google has begun secret testing Android 4.3.

HTC engineers revealed that Android 4.3 will add Bluetooth Low Energy function (low-power Bluetooth technology). Through the open API, developers can develop derivative applications based on this function, such as health applications heart rate monitor.

Although some manufacturers want to add this functions through their own efforts before, the official Android until now did not receive it. In addition, developers also revealed that the new Android version will also support OpenGL ES 3.0, Galaxy S4, HTC One and other models which built-in Qualcomm Xiaolong 600 processor, graphics processor Adreno 320 already support. The newest Android 4.3 Tablet PC will coming soon.

Based on OpenGL ES 3.0 specification released, new features include:

1. Supports more buffer objects.

2. The new version of GLSL ES 3.0 shading language supports 32-bit integer and floating point data types and operations.

3. Multiple texture support, including floating-point texture, depth texture, vertex texture and so on.

4. Multiple Render Targets can make GPU produce multiple textures at once.

5. Multi-sampling anti-aliasing render To Texture, so that the 3D objects doe not appear glitch, enhances the image effect.

6. Use of a uniform texture compression format ETC.

Reasons To Buy A Tablet

By: Jerrell Billot

Tablets are lightweight and reasonably easy to carry around. Reaching for a tablet computer to browse the Web throughout TV commercials is definitely much simpler than getting up, going to your table, and booting up your pc. In case you’re not a big fan of on-screen key-boards, then newer tablets are making it simpler to include peripherals and accessories.

One of the stunning aspects of top rated tablets is that you could buy additional apps to give your gadget a whole new level of capability. Love to read the news and remain on top of current occasions? Download a few news apps. Love to tweet and spend all day on Facebook? Get several social networking application to remain in contact with buddies.

Because of their bright colors and intuitive controls, and their easy-to-hold size, tablets are a great learning tool for probing young minds. There are thousands of applications from e-books to mathematics games, to subject-specific programs about pets or mythological creatures, and creative tools from finger-painting to photo retouching. There are around 70 percent of kids in homes with tablet computers use them baseding on a study from Nielsen.

As an e-Reader, a Tablet provides you much more. Tablets provide you colored pages and pictures that traditional e-ink readers cannot give. Furthermore, electronic books provide a very affordable way to release. As a result, a tablet could conserve your back in addition to your money if you carry around a number of books on an everyday basis.

Movement is all about user experience, and it does not get better than a tablet. What we’ve come to learn and enjoy from our smart phones is the delight of being able to regulate everything. We touch a word, an image, a song, and just like that we have command over it. Our hands have all the power, and we develop the action. This feeling has been renewed and sized up in a tablet computer, providing us with an extraordinary individual experience. For instance, web browsing on a tablet is immensely satisfying – you have all the choices to swipe, scroll and zoom on the page, and you can control things in essentially any way feasible. All of the in-depth nuances we develop with our hands are translated onto the screen, and it makes us giddy. It’s the little things, they say.

Purchasing a tablet computer is a less expensive option than acquiring a notebook. It is affordable, and it may be utilized to surf the internet, make and share presentations, post updates to social networking sites, download books, video clips, and games, and stay linked with business e-mail. Tablet computers should become the primary computing tool for more and more individuals as their operating systems and software become more robust.

Asus Fonepad

By: Mariya Kame

Asus, is currently ruling the tablet segment with a hit pair of tablet devices named Nexus 7 and 7-inch FonePad. Interesting, the Tech giant has launched the FonePad in India yesterday which is to be another contender in the affordable tablet segment. The Asus Fonepad 7 price has been officially revealed. the Taiwanese mobile maker, Asus, has showcased this smartphone at Mobile World Congress in February this year. Packed with features, it is an ideal option for those who are mainly aiming for multimedia services including movies, ebooks etc, along with calling functionality. In this segment we have the flagship model from Samsung, the popular Galaxy Tab 2, so we can expect a good fight between these two smart devices. At this similar price tag we have Google Nexus 7 and Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite is another tablet with nearly similar specifications. The Asus Fonepad 7 pictures suggest that the company has done a great job with the FonePad design. It looks slimmer with body dimensions like 196.4 x 120.1 x 10.4 mm and weighs 340 grams. The build quality is excellent as it is made of using aluminium back with matte finish looks premium in this segment. It is pretty good device with a 7 inch display supported with IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and 16M colors support. It has a screen resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels and 216 ppi pixel density. To enhance your experience its display is supported with multi-touch input up to 10 fingers. The device will be available in two memory options of 8GB or 16GB along with a 1GB of RAM support. The handset also has an external memory slot which can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD card.

In terms of connectivity options, the Asus Fonepad 7 features GPRS and EDGE of class 10, 3G support with HSDPA up to 21 Mbps and HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbps, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot. It has Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and microUSB v2.0 slot which allows you to share data with other compatible devices. It has 3.15 a megapixels camera in back supported with a image resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels. The camera features auto focus and Geo-tagging which provides high clarity images. It is capable of video recording with HD resolution of 720 pixels. The device has a secondary front facing camera of 1.2 megapixels for video calling with your friends and family members. The device runs on the popular Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) mobile operating system supported by 1.2 GHz single core processor and Intel Atom Z2420 chipset. It has a PowerVR SGX540 graphic processing unit which ensures higher level graphics ad gaming experience. It has navigation services with A-GPS support and GLONASS. It is powered by a Non-removable Li-Ion 4270 mAh battery (16 Wh) which is capable of delivering a talktime up to 9 hours.